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About Us

About ΑΦ "Union hand in hand"

Alpha Phi is a sisterhood of outstanding, unique, talented, and beautiful women. As sisters, we have a common understanding to support one another in lifelong achievement. We do our best to carry on the legacy that our founders created through elegance and grace. Alpha Phi encourages its members to reach her highest potential while enjoying the journey along the way. We strive to enhance each member's development through sisterhood, love, scholarship, philanthropy/service, and loyalty. Friendships formed in Alpha Phi are genuine and lifelong. Alpha Phi also provides opportunities to gain and develop social, as well as professional skills. Each Alpha Phi is proud to wear our letters, and represent our house. We strive for excellence in all that we do, and along the way, we know that we have 70 other sisters standing right behind us.

Alpha Phi History

  • Fraternity Founded: October 10, 1872 (10 founders)
  • Our Symbol: Ivy Leaf
  • Our Crest: Alpha Phi Coat of Arms
  • Our Flowers: Lilly of the Valley and Forget-Me-Not
  • Our Animal: Phi Bear
  • Our Colors: Silver and Bordeaux
  • Our Pin: Golden Alpha and Phi with AOE etched in
  • Our Motto: Union Hand in Hand

Our History

  • Chapter Founded: April 24, 1960
  • Chapter Name: Delta Gamma
  • Current Members: 81
  • Current Chapter Home: 814 19th St. Greeley, CO 80631


Sisterhood "Not four years, but for life"

Exceeding in the promotion of sisterhood is very important to us here at our chapter. Alpha Phi values true sisterhood which we promote through our many sisterhoods, bondings, and formal events here at the Delta Gamma chapter. We take pride in the life long friendships that Alpha Phi has helped us create. Our many bonding opportunities continually remind us of our values we share with thousands of other girls across the country as well.

Our Big Sister Little Sister program is a really part of our sisterhood. Every girl receives a Big sister in their first year and a Little Sister in their second. Big Sisters act as mentors and role models for their Little Sisters. Most of all they act as a best friend that you can always go to for anything. Big and Littles, as we call them, are some of the biggest support systems we have here in Alpha Phi.



One of our highest ideals here in Alpha Phi is the value of scholarship. Being in college, schoolwork is always our priority. Having some of the best grades on campus is the result of study tables, having peer tutors in our house, and rewarding members with high GPA's throughout the semester. By having many fun ways to encourage our members, academic success has always been a main focus for us.



Alpha Phi strives to continuously give our time, donations, and hearts to our philanthropy, the Alpha Phi Foundation, through various events held through out the year while still participating in other greek organizations philanthropies and projects around our community that may benefit everyone. In 2013, we were able to raise over $9,000 for the foundation.Different events the Delta Gamma chapter hosts include Red Dress Gala, Phiesta, and Eat your heart out. We hold our philantrpy close to our heart here in Alpha Phi.



Our calendar is always filled with social events that fit the preferences of every girl in the Delta Gamma chapter of Alpha Phi. From our own formal events to fraternity exchanges, venue themed parties to dressing for homecoming. If nothing else, Alpha Phis know how to have fun and look good while doing it. Beyond the sisterhood and preparing us for our futures, Alpha Phi gives every member the chance to have the time of their life. No matter what socials are going on, there will be a group of sisters standing beside you making memories that will last a lifetime. We enjoy spending time together, because we know the bonds we form here last us not four years but for life. I cherish every moment I am with my sisters. They have molded me into the woman I am becoming, and they teach me even at social events with Alpha Phi. –Julia Karlin, Senior



Here at Alpha Phi we believe in promoting greek unity and encourage everyone to go through recruitment so that they may find their true home.

For more information on recruitment and to register visit:
We welcome recommendations from our alumni and other Alpha Phis so that we may have the best and brightest.

For legacy and reference forms visit:
Have more questions regarding recruitment or legacy forms
Email Jenny Stigall at:

Our Team

Who is behind it all?

We have a wonderful Executive Counsel to help things run smoothly. It is made up of 10 girls; our president, 6 vice presidents, our Director of Finance, Panhellenic Delegate, and Director of Administration. These ladies were elected by the chapter to fufill the highest positions in the house. They put in countless hours to make this chapter the best it can be.



We are always thankful for the part that our alumnae play in making every Alpha Phi's experience a great one and we love to give back through our monthly newsletters and various events such as the Forget-Me-Not Ball. If you are interested in helping us with your time or donation or would just like to contact us please feel free to email questions and inquiries to:


Mailing Address

  • 814 19th Street Greeley, Colorado 80631
ALPHA PHI University of Northern Colorado Delta Gamma Chapter
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